15. 4. 2019

The OPENING of the EXHIBITION took place
in the gallery Titanium, new sets 25, Brno

Plastic and embossed paintings

Tom Šťovíček (1967)

He was born in Brno. He graduated in architecture, but much of his professional life is devoted to graphic arts, illustrations.

He founded the graphic Studio Pyramide, established in the field of commercial graphics, corporate visuals and illustrations, which printed the face of many companies, such as AVG.

 Recently he embarked on the formation of embossed plastic paintings.

In particular, it uses materials suitable for recycling, often for example promotional printed matter (which has so much produced in the profession:-) And packing cardboard, this material blends with ingredients, which then the Willow, glue, imprint, paint, spray spray and thus create impressive original plastic images on a monumental square format of 1250 x 1250 mm with varying depth of relief. The colours of the paintings are alternated to make the pattern and the relief more prominent, as well as the communication of the image, which is not overshaded by the color scream. Images are the best to stand out if they are lit from above, when the game of shadows and lights exceles.

These plastic images in the mental plane are copied by his thinking about himself, the present world. He literally prints his thoughts, ideas and developments in his original creations:-)

Its ecological approach in the search for new forms and the use of untypical materials fills it immensely and entertains.


Carl Gustav Jung

"What once fell into the unconscious, the unconscious will hold no matter whether that consciousness suffers or not. Consciousness can die of hunger and cold, while in the unconscious it is green and flowers. "

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"Man is thinking consciousness…"

Baltasar Gracián

"Man without consciousness-the world in darkness."

Carl Gustav Jung

"Consciousness is the Danajian gift."

George Orwell

"Consciousness should create a kind of barrier whenever a dangerous thought arises."

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The works on this site are sold unless otherwise stated in the work.
You can view the work without obligation by appointment in the studio of Tomáš Šťovíček.
The announced visits are always welcome.


(+420) 603 223 456

Office / Ateliér

Sokolská 6, Brno 602 00



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